The Australian Vascular Biology Society was formally conceived during the Australian Atherosclerosis Society meeting in Queensland, July 1992. Following further work on a constitution around and during the VIIth International Symposium on the Biology of Vascular Cells, San Diego, CA November 1992 the Society officially came into existence with the acceptance of a set of rules in Melbourne, Victoria on Saturday December 12, 1992 at a meeting held during the 2nd Baker Medical Research Institute Symposium ('Current Concepts in Vascular Biology'). The Society was legally incorporated on 26th January (Australia Day !), 1993.

The inaugural Committee of the Society was chaired by Dr Julie Campbell with Dr Peter Little (Secretary), Dr Carolyn Geczy (Treasurer) and Prof. Mathew Vadas and Prof. Colin Chesterman.

The major focus of the Society is an annual scientific meeting. In accord with the wishes of members the Society, meetings are to have two special characteristics. Firstly, the meetings should be held in venues which allow for all of the members to stay together for the meeting; appropriate venues will usually be outside major cities. Secondly, the Society will generally meet on its own with very careful consideration being given to holding joint meetings on special occasions when obvious advantages may exist.

The Society has held 20 very successful annual scientific meetings, including International Vascular Biology Meetings in 1998 (Cairns) and 2008 (Sydney), with the Society's 20th anniversary taking place in 2012.

Past Annual Scientific Meetings

1st: August 19-21, 1993, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

2nd: November 17-20, 1994, Hahndorf, SA

3rd: October 5-7, 1995, Terrigal, N. S. W.

4th: October 17-20, 1996, Marysville, Victoria

5th: September 11-13, 1997, Leura, NSW

6th Annual Scientific Meeting & 10th International Vascular Biology Meeting
August 23-27, 1998, Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, QLD

7th: September 16-19, 1999, Paradise Wirrina Cove Resort, SA

8th: October 6-8, 2000, Marysville, Victoria

9th: August 30-September 2, 2001, Noosaville, QLD

10th: August 29-September 1, 2002, Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, NSW

11th: September 4-7, 2003, Ballarat, Victoria
(Joint Meeting with Australian Atherosclerosis Society)

12th: September 9-12, 2004, Barossa Valley, SA
(Joint Meeting with Australian Atherosclerosis Society)

13th: August 6-7, 2005, Sydney Convention Centre, NSW

14th: September 7-10, 2006, SeaWorld Nara Resort, Gold Coast, QLD

15th: September 6-9, 2007, Hepburn Springs, Victoria
(Joint Meeting with ANZ Microcirculation Society)

16th Annual Scientific Meeting & 15th International Vascular Biology Meeting
June 1-5, 2008, Sydney Convention Centre

17th: September 10-13, 2009
John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU, Canberra

18th: September 16-19, 2010, Mantra Erskine Beach Resort, Lorne, Vic

19th: September 15-18, 2011, Bowral, NSW

20th: September 13-16, 2012, Hyatt Sanctuary Cove, Qld

21st: September 5-8th, 2013, Barossa Valley, SA
(Joint Meeting with ANZ Microcirculation Society)

22nd: November 26-28th, 2014, Adelaide, SA
(as part of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy Annual 'State of the Heart' Meeting, and joint with AAS, HBRCA, and the Cardiovascular SIG of ASCEPT)

23rd: November 19-22nd, 2015, Kiama, NSW

24th: December 7-10, 2016, Hobart, Tas
(Joint Meeting with Australian Atherosclerosis Society & High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia)

25th: September 21-24, 2017, Mooloolaba, Qld
(Joint meeting with ANZ Microcirculation Society)



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